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The Outlaw Kitchen
joined may 2021
Welcome to The Outlaw Kitchen!

Specialists in providing a cocktail of fun food and great times combined into one huge life party! Because Livin’ Safe is just Dyin’ slow!

Our sole purpose is to spread some love, good vibes and positive energy whilst being busy at work putting the HIGH into fine dining! All of this goes into everything we prepare and we hope you feel it in every one of our tasty treats!

Starting as a couple of friends who love to cook and love to blaze we decided to start messing around with Cannabis edibles for fun. Soon we were asked to infuse party food for friends and family for special occasions and then without any pre-planning and definitely without intention our little Outlaw catering business took off and so started The Outlaw Kitchen!

As a discreet mail order food vendor we are slightly limited as to what we can offer your tastebuds compared to physically catering for you but we aim to create some serious stoned food fun for you!
Sweets and treats will be a regular item but our passion is in Street Food, savoury snacks, sauces, dips, fun food and proper grub!

There are 5 things that bring humankind together. In a world that constantly seems to be at loggerheads we feel now is the time to bring that togetherness back to as many people as we can: 1. Great Food, 2. Great Music, 3. Great Smoke, 4. Great Drinks and 5. Great Company.

Simple Ingredients that have been used for millennia to celebrate or commiserate and to bring communities, even civilisations together! Society seems to be losing its way a little and losing touch with what really matters.
So come try some of our Ganja Grub, grab a fatty, grab a cold one, grab all of your nearest and dearest, grab your neighbours grab your dogs put your favourite tunes on and blast them out!

Go forth, live life, love life and make it the wildest, craziest party it’s meant to be!

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Welcome to The Outlaw Kitchen!