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Welcome to NugNinjaZ Professional connoisseurs with 40+ years experience and dedication to cannabis. Super excited to vendor at Littlebiggy. Bringing you the best budz combined with a short, sweet n discreet delivery and excellent customer service. Any questions are welcome – fire away. Please read the following terms before ordering. POSTAGE: NugNinjaZ send everything via Royal Mail 1st Class or Special Delivery depending which service you select. Due to the current Covid-19 pandemic and associated restrictions delivery typically takes place within 2-5 days via Royal Mail 1st Class postage and in some instances up to 72 hours for special delivery but can take longer. Please note any such delays in delivery are beyond our control, once an item is marked as posted it is in the post box. For security reasons we cannot provide tracking information to customers. MISSING ORDERS: We have a minimum 14day delay period before we consider an item missing. Customers who lack previous purchase history will not be considered for compensatory reships. With a vast experience in darkweb sales we have had very few items go missing in the post, as such any dispute relating to a missing item will be dealt with at our discretion on a case by case basis. For any case in which a reship is issued it is done at 50% of the original item value. Please note items shipped Special Delivery are more likely to be considered for a 50% re-ship in the unlikely event that an item is not delivered. Postage is carried out Monday-Friday. Cut off point each day for same day postage is 11AM. Orders after this time will be sent the following day unless your order is placed on a Friday after 11AM at which point it will go out on the next Monday. If you have a problem with an order for any reason, please contact us before leaving a review or topic to give us a chance to rectify any problems should they arise. Please ensure you agree to the above terms before placing an order. Keep smokin the best N stay high
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This is a tip jar for those moments when a partial payment occurs or an accidental under payment happens. Or if you're just feeling green :) either way, its much appreciated! Cheers.

Keep smoking the best and stay high,
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So here we have some absolutley gorgeous Dawg Star for you. The ever faithful old trusty - Dawg Star really needs no introduction - im sure we are all well versed with her smells, flavours, high, stone and benefits by now but we have to say, this batch in particular is grown to utter perfection.

This is UK grown and sourced.

60% indica 40% sativa

An extremly fine example, perfectly sticky but still has that snap to it, slight hints of purples running through some of the Nugz combined with firey red hairs bursting through a thick layer of trichomes and resin.

The flavours and smells are very strong and very typical of Dawg Star - deep, earthy, piney, diesely, gassy loveliness that we have all come to know and love!
She smokes fantastic - clean with white ash and as always with Dawg Star, brings on a heavy body stone and a great head high with a real ease of getting the giggles if you're sharing a blunt between friends and family. A surefire knockout if your laid back chilling. You can really tell that shes oozing with resin - a blunt smokes like an absolute chimney!

A very reliable strain medicinally and recreationally. If you're a Dawg lover in particular, you really wont want to miss out on this batch!

Grab it whilst you can at a great price! Cheers biggaz and as always,

Keep smoking the best and stay high!
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Welcome Biggaz!

Another treat for you all here, a classic - an original! But in very small quantities at the moment!

UK grown - Top shelf - Californian Orange (50% Indica 50% Sativa)

This Cali orange is absolutely gorgeous!

What an example it is too with trichomes absolutley everywhere, top to bottom, inside and out! They lace the outside of this bud and explode from inside when you break into a Nug. The trim is brilliant - she has been given the salon treatment she deserved! Ever had buds so perfect it actually feels like sacrilege to break into them? This is that.

As for the smell - i expected her to have quite a dominant orangey smell but she smells much skunkier than she does orangey! However make no mistake, the citrus is certainly there! As soon as you’ve rolled a joint, take a dry toke first and you will be greeted immediately by that sweet orangey taste that this strain is known for.

When you spark up and start smoking you are again rewarded instantly with a lovely dank, gassy and piney taste followed up with what i can only describe as a spray of sweet citrus on and across your taste buds, a perfect "orange zest" like taste - similar to when breaking open an orange - sweet, juicy, zesty, beautiful yummyness! 

This example definitely lives up to its recognised 50/50 hybrid status. Although the Indica side of things doesnt take long to get to work and certainly hits home given a little patience! At first it maybe felt a little bit slow to kick in, minutes later there was a sudden and wonderful - full face and head hit! Especially behind the eyes and over the top of my head. I was actually quite pleasantly surprised at how hard of a head hit this gave me before delivering the full body relaxation as you progress through a blunt. It provided an incredibly euphoric feeling with an almost instant relaxation but at the same time creative and elevated. Lovely stone and high!

This would be a recommended strain for anyone suffering anxiety, stress or hypertension. Cali Orange is recommended for pain treatment too. Unfortunately I cant vouch for that as I had no pains to treat at the time but based on the smoke itself, I would have to agree that this would be a great pain relief strain.

With a relatively small dose you should be able to function quite happily with the ability to carry on about your day with ease, just bare in mind the permanent ear to ear grin plastered across your face :) oh and sunglasses may be required ;)

However if you are a little over zealous then expect to fall prey to couch lock... which is what happened to me! Personally i would usually require an indica leaning strain for night time use but this Cali Orange actually sent me to sleep like an absolute log with the added and pleasent suprise of ZERO stoneover the following morning.

The only downside (if you can call it that) for me was, what can only be described as - the mega munchies! I know I wasn’t hungry at the time, I had just finished a BBQ with enough food to feed a small country and I was incredibly stuffed! Yet after a smoke of this I found myself insatiably peckish :)

Lovely smoke for an outdoor venture/adventure but equally a great evening/nightime smoke. Enjoy Biggaz! Very small quantity at the moment so grab it while you can!

Keep smoking the best and stay high,
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