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Welcome to NugNinjaZ
Professional connoisseurs with 40+ years experience and dedication to cannabis. Super excited to vendor at Littlebiggy. Bringing you the best budz combined with a short, sweet n discreet delivery and excellent customer service. Any questions are welcome – fire away. Please read the following terms before ordering.
NugNinjaZ send everything via Royal Mail 1st Class or Special Delivery depending which service you select. Due to the current Covid-19 pandemic and associated restrictions delivery typically takes place within 2-5 days via Royal Mail 1st Class postage and in some instances up to 72 hours for special delivery but can take longer. Please note any such delays in delivery are beyond our control, once an item is marked as posted it is in the post box. For security reasons we cannot provide tracking information to customers.
We have a minimum 14day delay period before we consider an item missing. Customers who lack previous purchase history will not be considered for compensatory reships. With a vast experience in darkweb sales we have had very few items go missing in the post, as such any dispute relating to a missing item will be dealt with at our discretion on a case by case basis. For any case in which a reship is issued it is done at 50% of the original item value. Please note items shipped Special Delivery are more likely to be considered for a 50% re-ship in the unlikely event that an item is not delivered. Postage is carried out Monday-Friday. Cut off point each day for same day postage is 11AM. Orders after this time will be sent the following day unless your order is placed on a Friday after 11AM at which point it will go out on the next Monday. If you have a problem with an order for any reason, please contact us before leaving a review or topic to give us a chance to rectify any problems should they arise. Please ensure you agree to the above terms before placing an order. Keep smokin the best N stay high
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This is a tip jar for those moments when a partial payment occurs or an accidental under payment happens. Or if you're just feeling green :) either way, its much appreciated! Cheers.

Keep smoking the best and stay high,
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Good afternoon Bigga'z!

Our shelfs are freshly stacked with some gorgeous Purple Amnesia - Sativa leaning hybrid (Amnesia Haze x Diesel x Critical +)

She looks the part - brightening the day glistening with trichs like a disco ball catching the light. Lovely 'minty green' and purple coloured NugZ and a dash of vibrantly orange coloured hairs peeking through a lovely little layer of resin.

She tastes fantastic in my humble opinion, a strain to make you salivate! If you take a dry toke before sparking up - she really does taste purple! If that makes sense? (kind of reminds me of those old bottles of Tizer that came in a variety of colours and each said on the lid depending on the colour - "i taste green" or "i taste purple" etc and they really did! Thats what this reminds me of in terms of tasting purple, either that or im very very stoned!) upon sparking up the taste continues but quickly develops into more of a sour amnesia sort of taste (almost anaesthetic like on the tongue shes so smooth), again - gorgeous flavours coming through! This is also very very pleasently backed up with a beautiful and very noticeable fruity berry like taste - Very (or berry) moreish indeed!

Nice clean smoke and ice white ash too

She gets to work quite quickly with a fairly heavy but very uplifting head high slowly dripping into an all over body high - taking you all the way to space, dropping you off and leaving you there to wonder around in utter bliss - what can only be described as the most perfect space out/zone out spot in existence! Smoking this blunt is like receiving a great big brain cuddle, my entire body feels relaxed, loose and free!

I could still happily muster up the motivation to do anything that I fancy but equally could happily allow myself to sink into the sofa with a decent movie or a game. Given the right company i think some serious giggles could be on the cards with this one! For me this is a very very well balanced hybrid bringing the very best bits of both worlds (Sativa and Indica) to the game, lovely lovely NugZ!

Medicinally and recreationally Purple Amnesia is a brilliant strain but argueably one of the more important aspects of any strain are it’s medicinal qualities - Purple Amnesia is ideal for pain relief, headaches, joint pains and general everyday aches and pains due to the numbing and sedating feeling given to the entire body. This greatly aids in relief from everyday aches, pains and other ailments.

Also due to the swift and immediate sense of calmness and relaxation that Purple Amnesia leaves you with - she makes for an ideal stress and anxiety reliever and would work well as a very suitable medicine for
those suffering the effects of ptsd or depression.

With the right dosage (roll accordingly) you will find that sleep comes very easily making it a great evening/night time option if you’re struggling to unwind or catch a few winks!

A very well rounded strain this one Bigga'z :) grab some whilst you can, enjoy and as always - Keep smoking the best and stay high! NugNinjaZ
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Good afternoon Bigga'z! A lovely little batch of Cookiedawg has just hit the menu :) Indica dominant hybrid (Girl Scouts Cookies x Chemdawg)

Shes comes in boasting beautiful NugZ covered with trichomes gleaming like little diamonds, resin rich light 'olive green' like buds with firey orange and red hairs bursting through - sticky to the touch but deffinately not overly so, just the right amount on the outside - grinds perfectly and she looks and smells gorgeous! Sweet, creamy, fragrant and typically Dawgy and overpowering!

Spark up a blunt and she tastes just as good, sweet biscuity/cookie like undertones really do come through backed up perfectly by the oh so faithful piney gassy fuel like dawg that we all know and love so much!

After sparking up - she hits behind the eyes straight away and slowly but surely creeps up upon every limb that you have rendering them so comfy that you dont really want to move anywhere.. I could but... Why would i?... Oh wait, i feel the munchies coming on... Thats why!.. She leaves you sat there with that oh so lovely "awwwh thats better" feeling! Im not "glued" to the chair by any means but im very very chilled to say the least! Any worries or problems went out the window with the first exhale thats for sure. Not a sit you down and knock you out cold kind of strain but certainly a sit you down strain! Great for both daytime and evening/nightime use if you roll accordingly as shes armed to the teeth with great medicinal and recreational benefits for both day and night.

Cookie Dawgs genetics alone allow her to step into the ring with an array of medcinal benefits - A powerful appetite stimulant (mega munchies!) a great strain for anybody with eating disorders or thats looking to increase appetite. She can also be used for pain relief, stress and anxiety and has been known to work wonders with all 3. Cookie Dawg also boasts high levels of Beta-caryophyllene (the first known dietary cannabinoid) which is hugely beneficial as an anti inflammatory - great for joint pains, aches, pains and headaches and also digestive issues (great for your gutt). All in all, shes pretty heavy handed in terms of her medicinal and recreational benefits. Another fantastic strain! Grab some whilst you can Bigga'z, enjoy!

Much love, take care and as always - Keep smoking the best and stay high! NugNinjaZ
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B-GRADE Organic Cherry OG (50% Sativa 50% Indica hybrid - Cherry Thai x Unknown Old Afghan x Lost Coast OG)

She looks good, forest green and completely covered with trichomes - NugZ are a little light and airy but nice.

On the dry toke she has a very skunky/weedy taste

Upon sparking up - pleasant skunky old school kind of taste, smooth smoke, can tell from the high/stone that she has kush in her genetics but not overpoweringly so in my opinion - a bit more of a high than a stone - we are of the opinion that this batch is actually Sativa dominant. Makes for a brilliant daytime smoke! Can ever so slightly get a faint whiff of something that reminds me of Cherries when breaking open or grinding some NugZ.

If you're looking for some nice flower that doesnt render you completely and utterly useless after smoking then this strains the one for you! She still packs a punch so dont be fooled - roll up a real nice fatty and she will still sit you down and shut you up for a while atleast but i wouldnt expect to be knocked out cold. Ideal for outdoor adventures, arts, crafts, reading, creativity, focus and planning or just as a general pick me up/stress relief throughout the day. Nice NugZ at a nice price :) enjoy Bigga'z!

Much love and appreciation and as always - Keep smoking the best and stay high! NugNinjaZ
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