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Magic Mushrooms
Magic Mushrooms
Magic Mushrooms
Magic Mushrooms
Magic Mushrooms
Magic Mushrooms
We usually use 1st class signed for and standard 1st class. During these times we will send special delivery as the next day service and 1st class signed for as a cheaper service. I strongly recommend special delivery as 1st class signed for is often taking over a week right now.

Discreet packaging posted same day if ordered before noon.

Current Supply is Golden Teachers, Z Strain, JMF, and liberty cap chocolate pieces


(From the web)
One of the most potent P. cubensis strains available. Visuals are strong and long-lasting, a simultaneously euphoric and physical high.
These are great to have with friends. Waves of euphoria, giggles and perception style hallucinations. Due to the energetic feel from these shrooms I often take these these for microdosing instead of golden teacher depending on my planned day.


Reviewer by a friend that has a very high tolerance due to medication and high cannabis use. They took 3 grams and had a very intense trip with strong visuals, eavy euphoria and laughing fits. They work really fast and being in powder form makes them easy to throw in some melted chocolate or in a milkshake. Early stage nausea was mentioned but not one that took away from the experience. Definitely one for the pros
Albino A+ has a strong flavour and high potency. He’ll give you a serious trip. Visuals are getting a jello-like texture, jiggling and making you laugh like crazy. AA+ also activate in a shorter time than other stains so buckle up. These shrooms are ground into a fine powder. Perfect for mixing with food to mask the taste, in teas or in cooking and tinctures.


(from the web)
Golden Teacher is considered average to high potency, although the trips are often relatively short (an advantage for some users). Users often report a euphoric and relaxing experience, and sometimes also a sense of mental clarity.
Golden teachers are a stable classic. Some purists don't like the newer strains. Golden teachers are nice balance and good starting point on your jouney. A staple of my microdosing routine.

(from the web)
Aptly named, the Jedi Mind Fuck shroom strain lives up to its name by being one of the most potent psychedelic mushrooms. Its effects can last up to six hours and constitute euphoria, increased energy levels, hallucinations with distortions and very bright colours.
I've not tried tried these yet but have grown them because if their relation to Z strain. Will update asap.
It is rated a good grade for beginners and learners with little to no experience using psychedelic mushrooms. The Jedi Mind Fuck magic mushrooms can be the perfect starter package for newbies in low dosages. However, the shroom embodies its name in larger doses by providing some mind-bending effects that can make you believe you are losing it.

A hybrid such as Jack Frost takes the best of both worlds and combines them splendidly. Albino Golden Teachers and Albino Penis Envy excel in terms of hallucinatory potential, euphoria, and therapeutic benefits. Jack Frost is the new kid on the block, with vivid hallucinations, intense euphoria, confusing synesthesia, and deep therapeutic benefits. Among the psychedelic effects, you’ll come across time dilation, visual hallucinations, spiritual connectedness, contemplation, and others.

The typical dose for most magic mushrooms is between 1 and 2.5 grams of dried shrooms, you can find the perfect magic mushroom dosage using EROWID's dosage calculator.
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First batch made using Liberty Cap. If you have any requests I could possibly make sone with golden teacher, jedi Mind f
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10 Pieces Magic Mushroom Chocolate $88.00 BTC0.0038588
20 Pieces Magic Mushroom Chocolate $154.00 BTC0.0067529
30 Pieces Magic Mushroom Chocolate $242.00 BTC0.0106117
Our dried magic mushrooms in capsule for for easy digestion. each cap is filled with 0.4 grams of magic mushrooms of you
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10 0.4 caps Golden Teacher Capsules $65.00 BTC0.00285025
12 capsules $70.00 BTC0.0030695
10 0.4 Albino A+ $79.00 BTC0.00346415
20 0.4 Golden Teacher Capsules $120.00 BTC0.005262
20 0.4 Albino A+ Capsules $149.00 BTC0.00653365
Here we have some freshly ground microdose capsules. each capsule contains 0.11 grams of Golden TeacherCubensis ( Magic
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10 Capsules Golden Teacher 0.11g active in $25.00 BTC0.00109625
20 Capsules Golden Teacher 0.11g $45.00 BTC0.00197325
40 capsules Golden Teacher 0.11g $85.00 BTC0.00372725
100 capsules Golden Teacher 0.11g $190.00 BTC0.0083315
JEDI MIND FUCK (from the web) Aptly named, the Jedi Mind Fuck shroom strain lives up to its name by being one of the mo
ships from united kingdom (2 days average)
2 Grams Jedi Mind Fuck $38.50 BTC0.00168823
3 Grams Jedi Mind Fuck $54.00 BTC0.0023679
5 Grams Jedi Mind Fuck $82.50 BTC0.00361763
10 Grams Jedi Mind Fuck $154.00 BTC0.0067529
Check out my grouped mushroom listing for reviews Z-STRAI
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2 Grams Z Strain $39.00 BTC0.00171015
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5 Grams Z Strain $82.50 BTC0.00361763
10 Grams Z Strain $154.00 BTC0.0067529
home made super potent edibles made from a balanced blend of haze THC. the pack contains a little over 250Mg of THC( we
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1 250 mg Edible thc bites $25.00 BTC0.00109625
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A classic Thai/Lao ganja domesticate from southern Laos/Isaan. This region is the source of some of the finest of each s
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7 g $40.00 BTC0.001754
14 g $70.00 BTC0.0030695
28 g $130.00 BTC0.0057005
NEW DISCOUNT PRICES! Dispensary Grade products at a fair price. 1ML vape Cartridge. I recommend vaping between 5 - 10 W
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1ML ZKITTLEZ $49.50 BTC0.00217058
5x1ML ZKITTLEZ $239.50 BTC0.01050208
15 intro offers availbale! 1 order per customer We managed to source a little bit of this and are able to share some wi
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Latest and final batch! 28/1/23. This may be the best version yet with the perfect consistency! Sticky icky! Back with a
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3.5 G $52.00 BTC0.0022802
7 G $92.00 BTC0.0040342
Premium Delta 9 Distillate 95%+ THC blended with Premium terpenes. Distillate and terpenes are from reputable suppliers
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STRAWNANA 1x0.5ML $23.00 BTC0.00100855
WATERMELON ZKITTLES 1x0.5ml $23.00 BTC0.00100855
CEREAL MILK 1x0.5ml $23.00 BTC0.00100855
GELONADE 1x0.5ml $26.00 BTC0.0011401
GUSHERS 1x0.5ml $26.00 BTC0.0011401
WEDDING CAKE 1x0.5ml $26.00 BTC0.0011401
BISCOTTI 1x0.5ml $26.00 BTC0.0011401
GELATO 1x0.5ml $26.00 BTC0.0011401
MELONATTA 1X0.5ml $26.00 BTC0.0011401
LONDON POUND CAKE#75 1x0.5ml $26.00 BTC0.0011401
SFV OG 1x0.5ml $26.00 BTC0.0011401
JETLATO 1x0.5ml $26.00 BTC0.0011401
KING LOUIS XIII OG 1X0.5ML $26.00 BTC0.0011401
STRAWNANA 2x0.5ml $44.00 BTC0.0019294
WATERMELON ZKITTLES 2x0.5ml $44.00 BTC0.0019294
CEREAL MILK 2X0.5ML $44.00 BTC0.0019294
BISCOTTI 2x0.5ml $47.00 BTC0.00206095
GELONADE 2x0.5ml $47.00 BTC0.00206095
GUSHERS 2x0.5ml $47.00 BTC0.00206095
WEDDING CAKE 2x0.5ml $47.00 BTC0.00206095
MELONATTA 2x0.5ml $47.00 BTC0.00206095
LONDON POUND CAKE#75 2x0.5ml $47.00 BTC0.00206095
GELATO 2x0.5ml $47.00 BTC0.00206095
SFV OG 2x0.5ml $47.00 BTC0.00206095
JETLATO 2X.0.5ml $47.00 BTC0.00206095
KING LOUIS XIII OG 2X0.5ML $47.00 BTC0.00206095
STRAWNANA 3X0.5ML $63.00 BTC0.00276255
WATERMELON ZKITTLES 3x0.5ml $63.00 BTC0.00276255
CEREAL MILK 3X0.5ML $63.00 BTC0.00276255
BISCOTTI 3x0.5ml $70.00 BTC0.0030695
WEDDING CAKE 3x0.5ml $70.00 BTC0.0030695
GUSHERS 3x0.5ml $70.00 BTC0.0030695
GELONADE 3x0.5ml $70.00 BTC0.0030695
GELATO 3x0.5ml $70.00 BTC0.0030695
MELONATTA 3x0.5ml $70.00 BTC0.0030695
LONDON POUND CAKE#75 3x0.5ml $70.00 BTC0.0030695
SFV OG 3x0.5ml $70.00 BTC0.0030695
JETLATO 3x0.5ml $70.00 BTC0.0030695
KING LOUIS XIII OG 3X0.5ML $70.00 BTC0.0030695
Bruce Banger is a sativa-dominant hybrid of the Original OG Kush and Strawberry Diesel. The strain is one of the most fa
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3.5 g BRUCE BANGER FREE NDD BY 1PM $40.00 BTC0.001754
5 G BRUCE BANGER FREE NDD BY 1PM $50.00 BTC0.0021925
7 g BRUCE BANGER FREE NDD BY 1PM $75.00 BTC0.00328875
10 g BRUCE BANGER FREE NDD BY 1PM $85.00 BTC0.00372725
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28 g BRUCE BANGER FREE NDD BY 1PM $220.00 BTC0.009647
Beautiful Soft Nepalese bubble hash Temple Eggs We were able to source ONLY A SMALL AMOUNT of these rare chars eggs, so
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1 1 egg (10g) $140.00 BTC0.006139
1 2 eggs (20g) $250.00 BTC0.0109625
1 3 eggs (30g) $365.00 BTC0.01600525
London Pound Cake is a hybrid strain that really entails a lot. Its THC content is high and consumers praise the London
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3.5 GRAMS $40.95 BTC0.00179566
7 GRAMS $55.95 BTC0.00245341
EXODUS CHEESE IS BACK BUT BETTER FRESH STINKY BUDS!! Exodus Cheese is a hybrid cannabis variety. It is often referred
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3.5 gram $40.00 BTC0.001754
7 gram $70.00 BTC0.0030695
14 gram $120.00 BTC0.005262
28 gram $230.00 BTC0.0100855
MJ concentrates own branded THC cartridges. INGREDIENTS: DISTILLATE. TERPENES. PLEASE READ: If you purchase the
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450 mg Ice Cream Cake - Indica $42.00 BTC0.0018417
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450 mg Nerdz - Hybrid $42.00 BTC0.0018417
450 mg Black Cherry Soda - Hybrid $42.00 BTC0.0018417
450 MG Strawberry Cheesecake - Hybrid $42.00 BTC0.0018417
450 MG Biscotti - Hybrid $42.00 BTC0.0018417
450 mg Super Sour Diesal $42.00 BTC0.0018417
450 Mg Skywalker Og - Indica $42.00 BTC0.0018417
450 Mg Tropical Cookies - Sativa $42.00 BTC0.0018417
1 unit Amigo Battery & 0.5ml Vape $58.50 BTC0.00256523
10 Vapes 10 x 0.5ml Vape carts $389.00 BTC0.01705765
The effects of Sunset Sherbet strain are genuinely magnificent. It combines the best properties of 85% Indica and 15% Sa
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3.5 g SUNSET SHERBET Free NDD by 1pm $40.00 BTC0.001754
5 g SUNSET SHERBET Free NDD by 1pm $50.00 BTC0.0021925
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28 g SUNSET SHERBET Free NDD by 1pm $220.00 BTC0.009647
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1.5 GRAMS $36.00 BTC0.0015786
3 zombie $100.00 BTC0.004385
5 zombie $160.00 BTC0.007016
10 1.5 pack of 10 $310.00 BTC0.0135935