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Fresh Batch Of Super Strawberry Grown & Cured to Perfection, Don't Miss Out ; )
I’m hovering over the buy button! Love this … + 2 more
Ghost Train - Gods Connect
started topic + 2 more
what do you guys want to see next?
Would love to see some of the Ugorg stuff?
on  hoqwer
What are the best Sativas on LB?
I’ve just ordered some Ghost Train, that cou…
New Flowers
Any idea when? Was going to place an order but wan…
I want an uplifting hash
Hey Helptheaged, I bought 3.5g go Royal Ketama Gol…
New Vendor
I’m after some bangin’ sativa too but … + 3 more
Royal Ketama Gold Hash
started topic
on  ElTurco
Just ordered me some of this bad boy
Sweet! Looking forward to trying it! + 2 more
bigg now