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generate bitcoin with reference codes.
3.5g of dried, powdered Golden Teacher variety, Psilocybin Cubensis magic mushrooms. Shipping from UK.
$25.00 BTC0.0027 Golden Teacher 1 3.5g
generate bitcoin with reference codes.
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UPDATE on missing package
started topic
Really dodgy experience this time. Won't shop again.
started topic + 2 more
Yes no ?
No. See my next post.
Edibles/ rosin rolls UK
Amazing work. Could I ask you to send me a private… + 2 more
What is "The Universe"? Doesn't it really just mean The Shit We Know About?
The best way to think of the universe is like a bo…
Got scammed by Britains Bud Bargains
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Vegan friendly canna chocolate.
Ordering tonight!
Unread message
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Anyone kno people that ship uk?
I normally buy from Nextdayweeduk and cannot say e…
Sent you a PM
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Do you ship to U.K.?
I see you ship to U.K but not Ireland. What about …
Apologies for any inconvenience
Really gutted to hear this Mario. Was just about t…
Strawberry Banana discussion
Ordered this two days ago and it arrived today. Fa…
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