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Do you reduce size of orders in case it gets intercepted in the post ?
Pump jack wellness oil query ?! Dosage etc.
Item confiscated at Gatwick depot ?!
Weed that gives the feet and body tingles...
Stopping Alcohol for weed ...
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Anyone here successfully kicked opiates?
I got seriously hooked on codeine and tramadol sin…
First time trying edibles.
I had too much of the canna choc as my first go on…
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Best way to get high without smoking/vaping?
Thanks for replying. + 2 more
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Popin' Ain't Easy!
I’ve ordered 3 times from Pope and all 3 tim…
NDD waiting times
Took 1 day for mine to arrive.
{lb help}
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Vaping Hash ?!
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Pope of dope vanished on my page ??
I received an item yesterday, so he’s still …
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