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{buy help}
Buying from outside the UK
On my other account my first order international was with hashishin.. and it was spot on.. stealth and product. Don’t be worried mate he’s a legend
The Dog is back!! 🐕
Criminal prices
on  ClearH20
I wouldn’t buy this green but I did !
Sounds like a shit show.... I would take pictures of this oz and be prepared to dispute if you aren’t happy.
on  sam508
Grinder Suggestions?!?
Santa Cruz hemp grinder, works wonders and cheap.
does it work on eczema and psoriasis
I would personally make your own mate. Buy some rso or D9 distillate and your half way there!
Grow doing ok?
Looks good to me, I would suggest some LST tho.
Backpack Boyz - White bubblegum gelato - Free ROYAL MAIL Special NDD By 1PM
No canna verify.. yet claiming to be legit.. must be a mug to spend $100