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How is the potency compared with the banana kush hash? Cheers
hehe i have to agree with titntin just got mine an… + 2 more
Rso-hifi 4g in stock
Oh lovely cant wait to try this one i missed it la…
on  KOTG83
Cancer pain management
I dont have experience but if i was going to sugge…
Favourite thing to eat when really high??
icecream,icecream and some more icecream lol
on  ljaphra
Pain relief- newbie
Have you ever tried a full extract RSO,i suffer fr…
100% trusted vendor.
Yea i agree just got some of the Jack its the dark…
Dabbing RSO
While i do use it for ingestion i also like to pai…
on  Psyuk
no i use blockchain as a wallet/sending and the lo…
First impressions of sellers.
I would add Oilman to the list for best specialist…
best way to smoke hash?
LOL reading the replies cracked me up because i st…
Hi man i am a noob
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bigg now