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More details and pics please...
It will be like most Afghan red seal nice but nothing special,but considering black hashish is pretty rare on here i took the chance and put an order …
Best way to roll a joint?
Take two green rizzla lick the glue half way on one of them attach it to the bottom of the other one half way and slide it off,then stick the two pape…
World War III 💁🏻‍♂️
Maybe,maybe not it might just be to sell lots of weapons so they can try and fix the inflation and devaluation in currency everybody was facing after …
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Not taken bitcoin
Only banks that i know that will do it are Virgin debit card and RBS debit and credit card,still with all the new regulations most wallets/exchanges a…
Buying Bitcoins
RBS or Virgin money are the only banks that let you use a debit card to buy btc however you have to talk to them so they do not block it then you have…
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Honest feedback?
How long have you been waiting and have you had any other letter post? Postal service is fucked just now always is after new year,took 7 days for me t…
Starting a grow at home
It is not as easy as some make it out to be,yes you can just plant them in dirt and stick them under a sodium light and you will get a crop,flowering …
Unexpected Delivery
Haha yea once i got 3.5g of hash in a second package i had not ordered,good chance the vendor has made a mailing error and has your address from a pre…
Hangover Cures?!
Freezing cold Irn Bru used to do the trick for me before i learned just not to get drunk lol
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Coinbase: To use or not to use?
Every other wallet is a third party except blockchain itself ,it is bitcoin. Though because of all the new regulations that have been sneaked through …
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Hash recommendations!!
Happy birthday funnily enough mine is soon as well and i decided to treat myself to another bit of ULC`s lovely Medellin,was so glad they still had so…
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How littlebiggy is possible? Few questions from a fan/noob
LB is safer than buying from a street dealer in that you really do not know who you are buying from so no connection and no chance of getting busted c… + 2 more
Tea or Coffee Bigga'z? How do you take yours?
You can not beat smoking a big joint of GSC while drinking a large cappuccino,chocolate two sugars,heaven :)