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Best Sativa Extracts
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E-rigs (New to concentrates)
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Depends on your anti-depressants honestly, a lot of them are known to be trip killers. I have seroquel (Quitiapine in the UK) and I have to take at le…
Invisible again
I've found your listing on the main page, it was quite far down but it's definitely on there! Like Danish I agree it looks a bit off but I bit the bu… + 2 more
Trip for Free this Mushroom Season
Hey man could you give a quick explanation of that phrase? I think I understand the pinch but the tap is confusing me. Is it the same as Pinch/tipping… + 2 more
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Stoned gamers, show your rig / console
I'd also love to hear about your career! I'm currently working as a composer for Film and Games so it'd be interesting to see where your journey took …
What’s everyone’s experience with delta 8 THC?
I've only tried one cart of delta-8 so far, from the reports it seems that it can hit users at different strengths. For me personally the high was com…
Mushroom chocolate bars?
I know this is more work but, you could always buy the dried mushrooms and make the mushroom chocolate yourself? It's one of the things I'm going to …
More picture reviews please!!! Like my friend deadrabbits!!!
Those extracts look so good, I actually can't wait to try them!
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Vape Upgrade???
Well, my first vape was also the BLK Mamba, and like you, it got me baked so I didn't see much point in upgrading. A year down the line, my thoughts c…
Do you need a certain number of orders to see this sellers profile? I'm interested in the quality of it for vaping :)