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Blue Cheese?
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SN2D is top class with great carts. You’re in good hands ordering from him.
Does radar give out tracking code?
Ordered plenty from RB. 100% success. Orders always took 4-7 days to arrive, but since it all went tits up in the world 10 days plus seems to be the s…
Roi & International Shipping
Can confirm delivery to ROI. Stealth was perfect, and delivery was quick. Also , great to deal with!
Best place to get some top quality bud delivered to ireland?
Use RB bud. He’s got an excellent record delivering to ROI. Also green team are a good bet
I also only got half my order which is unusual for RB + 2 more
Consoles and Cannabis
100 wins is impressive. I’ve 36. I loved Zombies. I think it’s back with the next COD, blops remastered. + 2 more
New eire seller boyos
Hi Man, hope you’re well. Any more details available? What’s on the menu and when will it be available? It seems every week there is someone new on he…
on  Fitz-g13
UK to Ireland
The longest I had to wait was 16 days. Always go for tracked shipping now and the longest wait since has been 7 days. It’s worth the extra cost so …
on  Aforou1
Thinking of growing your own?
Wow!! How long did you veg for? What kinda yield do you think you’ll get? Impressive looking plant dude, congrats.