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Anybody from Ireland use Parcel Motel
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October 2021 update
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Anybody getting anything through these days
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Yea it's just that time of year. Not a lot we can do about it. I remember during the first lockdown in April alot of people getting pissy at another v…
Just to say if anyone items don’t turn up I offer a replacement for free. But that’s still not enough for some people. W…
I'm in Ireland too. Ordered a gram, never had anything stopped by customs before so we shall see! I'm definitely worried about the packaging, really d… + 5 more
New seller
Just put a sample 1g order in. Very good delivery price, and product looks great. Fingers crossed it makes it to ireland :) Always good to have more c…
Good Vape suggestions for hash/weed?
Look up the dynavap. Great little manual vape. Definitely worth the money
on  Fitz-g13
UK to Ireland
I'm in the same boat. Ordered on the 20th from RB. In fairness to him, the stuff usually arrives within 10 days. It would have been great if it arrive… + 3 more
best cannabis seller for ireland?
I've ordered from radar breeder, pope of dope and ronald. All very highly recommended. Best communication has been from Ronald and he even threw in a …
I'd usually get about 10 to 12 short pulls (4 seconds) if I use the triple lighter as close to center as possible. Or fewer more intense ones if you l… + 3 more
I'm not the biggest fan of vape carts, especially when you can vape straight bud
Ronalds grape slurpee :)
Deadly + 2 more
on  bubba2488
vaping oils or herb
I agree with this. I've been using the dynavap with a triple flame lighter. Very easy to use and honestly feels like smoking. I half fill the chamber,…
Bit worried to order
Arrived today :) 7 days to get here is not bad at all. Very happy with the service + 7 more