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The MIT Media Lab Disobedience Award
yeah too bad the award isn't named after aaron - who inspired this penance from m.i.t.
A machine that can smell if you have cancer
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Head transplants are here
Wait a second how does a head live without *any* body during the procedure?
Why is it so hard to forgive others?
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Small amount disappearing from payment
No the bitcoin amount presented by transaxe is what you pay, you underpaid the invoice.
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Mental Stress
Don't stress bigga, haters gonna hate. And sometimes its not haters, nobody wants their little kids smelling weed. And old folks, they get a pass, the… + 2 more
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Patience and other virtues
I wanna second this motion. Been here over 5 years now and thanks are in order.
American Cartridges to Belgium
I buy these all the time. Jack is excellent. He sells 100 carts at a time at 33 bucks.
Initiative: Eliminate Anonymous Purchases
Where does this stand?
Being Brilliant Every Day
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