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Best hash on LB UK
I also tried critical from radar breeder a while a… + 2 more
on  abbz
T Break ?
Hey abbz, When you smoke enough you may often expe…
No package and no update?
Damn 45 days is a long wait! I’m in the sw,… + 2 more
Moving to new unit with manufacturing section and wanting LB community help.
Hey JJ, something slightly off topic, its great yo…
D James
on  D James
The Force is strong with JJ5637901 (Skywalker)
Yet to try it, doesn’t have a pungent smell,… + 2 more
i made a purchase using bitpanda,seller says he hasnt recieved funds bitpanda looked into it and say it has been paid .a…
Thank you! + 2 more
Competition to make me a logo for me
hey JJ, you still looking for a logo? I've got tim…
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