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Ruben Dianza
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Ruben, what's with the diss on our page? seems that one would need more information about us before such an outright re…
how does cannabis work?
does anyone know who this guy is?
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What is the best DIY bong?
I think what you have there is a DIY steam roller, I had one of these and loved it, yes water is totally optional its the expansion that does the magi…
Ayn Rand Interviewed by Phil Donahue
you oughta know you fucked em both
THC capsules from a USA vendor
raceyT - jews discussion
The language is pitted against Jews the grammar doesn't really matter. Put Jew, Immigrant, Mexican, African, Turk, Arab, Chinese, in front of most Eng…
A Teen Michael Moore takes on Milton Friedman
no way he wasnt fat yet
Bernard, if I renounce US citizenship will I be able to visit the United States?
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