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Noob question about thc content
There is no THC in this if its made legally in the…
Does it contain any thc
It doesn't say THC. You can buy full spec cbd lega… + 2 more
This is what you need to turn your shatter, wax et… + 2 more
It is me or is marijuana getting stronger?
I wouldn't believe anything put out by the UK pres…
drugs inc missing delivery????
I think royal mail are to blame, took a week longe…
on  epix
Pope gone?
I just had a delivery today which is a full week l…
This is a crazy read.
There was a story a few months ago about a vape sh…
New Items / Sale items
Are you getting anymore of these in the future.
Can this be vaped?
You need an emulsifier to be able to vape concentr…
I’m new and need help!!
You should have an option to choose the currency a…
New here today need advice please
I'd just get the photo ID sorted as you'll need it…
What is the best DIY bong?
Cut the bottom off a 2 litre bottle of pop, stick …
Any interest in cheaper commercial hash (pictures below)
bigg now