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Best grinder
Ive got a mini head chef grinder which is awesome but just a tad too small. Ive had a couple of really good cheapo acrylics but by far the best grinde…
Best Mushrooms on LB?
FiyahFungi! Absolute legend and the chocolates they make are to be treated with respect! :D
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it didn't have to be this way
Brilliant! Fascinating read and an intro to a book I think I’ll have to invest in!
What Exactly Does 420 Symbolize?
That depends if its PM or AM... ; ) 420 PM = disappointment - I know I have probably another 6 hours before I can have smoke 420 AM = Oh crap - Ive…
Tea or Coffee Bigga'z? How do you take yours?
Strong black coffee percolated over a campfire while watching the sun rise! :D + 2 more
The Last True Great Action Movie Heroes! Yippee - Ki - Yay - Motherf**kers!
Clint Eastwood! Sorry, cliche but anything western is a go to for me! Clint Eastwood is simply the Boss in every movie he makes and/or stars in! So, d… + 2 more
Fancy a laugh?.... If you were a dinosaur, what dinosaur would you be and why? Go!
Ooh I don’t know about dinosaur but I do think the human race should do a bit of De-evolution and learn a bit from our cave man ancestors! : D
What is the best DIY bong?
Some genius Bong ingenuity here! Another pro cannabis point proven from this topic alone: You give smokers a bunch of weed and nothing to smoke it w…
FREE 1g 100% Dark Chocolate Mixed with Mushroom!
These Chocolates are amazing! Got one free with my order of Golden Teachers. I messed up though. I misread the measure per chocolate as 0.3g instead o…
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Let's hear your stoned philosophical comments
Keep your circle small... the joint comes back faster. Remember that. + 2 more