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on  Richy781
Let's hear your stoned philosophical comments
Keep your circle small... the joint comes back faster. Remember that. + 2 more
on  Richy781
Fill in the gap! ...."I was so high _____________________"
I folded the dishes and washed the drying!
What is the best DIY bong?
Some genius Bong ingenuity here! Another pro cannabis point proven from this topic alone: You give smokers a bunch of weed and nothing to smoke it w…
The NugNinjaz Cali-O / Californian Orange Bud:
started topic + 6 more
Sweets from Buddy... edible heaven coming your way, for pleasent dreams or a lit day! βœ“
Hey dude! They look damn tasty! Just wondering what these have been infused with, Is it RSO? Also have these been tested in line with LB's item int…
on  jjfury
Reputable vendors for small amounts
TheNugNinjaz! I’ve just done a topic on their Cali-o whi h should about sum it up : ). Hope this helps
What Exactly Does 420 Symbolize?
That depends if its PM or AM... ; ) 420 PM = disappointment - I know I have probably another 6 hours before I can have smoke 420 AM = Oh crap - Ive…
on  EasyMe33
Best vendor for NDD?
Just had an order arrive from The NugNinjaz, less than 24 hours delivery time despite me getting in way later than their specified cut off time. Amazi…
A taste of the Old Skool!
Just received my 1G today (Less than 24 hours delivery). Oh me, oh my, its only a gram I wanted as a tester but its a very generous 1g at that and Im …
Slow heart rate from chronic weed use?
Hey, just seen your topic which caught my eye as my other half had a very similar issue. She thought it was due to chronic weed use as well. It turned…
Best grinder
Ive got a mini head chef grinder which is awesome but just a tad too small. Ive had a couple of really good cheapo acrylics but by far the best grinde…
Best weed for sex/improving libido?
A good quality Sour Diesel!
Howdy guys! That bud looks awesome! Do you only offer single G's and 3.5's or can you do larger weights? I usually tend to buy 7g's at a time. Cheers…
Blunts, Bongs, Joints or Dabs...?
Easy - Blunts!
Made an order, no order showing ?
I had this happen to me last week. It turned out my log in had timed out so the order placed and my username was displayed in the top left but it plac…
Howdy Ninjaz! Yes definitley agree with the below, admittedly maybe not free we know theres costs involved for you too. That said though there isn't …
Various Payment methods
Absolutely, they should definitely look into accepting other cryptos! I can only see it benefitting everyone involved - the vendors, the buyers and pr…
Always good to see new vendors hitting the scene! Welcome to LB - Can’t wait to see what’s on offer!
Quality vendor, ignore the negative comments
Trolls are meant to be fantasy creatures but they seem to keep popping up all over the net at the mo. lol. 100% agree with your feedback there Pixels…
D James
on  D James
Need help with identification
Hard to see sizes or the undersides of the mushrooms but almost certain they are an ink cap of some sort. If so they are harmless but none psychoactiv…