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The Tree of Positivity!
You attract the energy that you give off. Spread good vibes. Think Positively. Enjoy life!
Fan Leaves
No worries at all, will do. I've preserved them before the way they did it back in the old skool... I mean Nursery skool ; ) Wax paper and an Iron s… + 2 more
Best grinder
Ive got a mini head chef grinder which is awesome but just a tad too small. Ive had a couple of really good cheapo acrylics but by far the best grinde…
Whats your camping must have's?
Bin bags mate! It’s a pain in the ass but stealth is key wen camping - leave no trace! There’s also nothing worse than stumbling across another incons…
on  Richy781
Let's hear your stoned philosophical comments
Keep your circle small... the joint comes back faster. Remember that. + 3 more
Quality vendor, ignore the negative comments
Trolls are meant to be fantasy creatures but they seem to keep popping up all over the net at the mo. lol. 100% agree with your feedback there Pixels…
Bank says No, we say Yes! Crypto Advice - The NugNinjaZ Pocket Guide (13/07/21)
Epic write up there! Thanks guys! If it helps anyone, I find Coin base is fine as long as you are transferring directly from your bank account rather…
NugNinjaZ Euro Canna-Cup 2020/1 The Finals!
England 2 Italy 2 Penalties = England to win!
NugNinjaZ Euro Canna-Cup 2020/1 round 5
England 1 Denmark 1 England to win on penalties!
NugNinjaZ Euro Canna-Cup 2020/1 Round 4
Germany 2 England 2 Dare I say it - Germany to win on penalties
Blunts, Bongs, Joints or Dabs...?
Easy - Blunts!
NugNinjaZ Euro Canna-Cup 2020/1 Round 3
Czech Repub 2 England 2
NugNinjaZ Euro Canna - Cup 2020/1 Round 2
England 2 Scotland 1
NugNinjaZ Euro Canna-Cup 2020/1
Haha! So chuffed! Such a random score choice too. But being a dragon boy I had to go with my lads! Just wish I’d checked summin in it down the bookies… + 2 more