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Smoggyman...A review..Mimosa & Gelato x Lemon Betty!!
by  leeroy79
Special delivery... inside info.
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Spider Mites
might have to try this!! Ive had to throw a whole grow before as the bud was covered in the little fookers! Would growing in coco rather than soil hel…
3rd attempt Growing advice
All good advice above... If you don't get your environment will always struggle...air flow and extraction are a must imo! Good luck!
Bacio Gelato
Ordered a Q so will let you know what I think, It has a couple of bad reviews now which werent there before i ordered! Both mention bad taste/terps! I…
Id like to know too!! Hope im not too late! + 3 more
Gorilla Glue #4
Sounds good... Can't beat GG!
on  Coxroach1
A cautionary tail of a failed buy
Jeez, I've been on here 3 years, never knew that lol... 🙄 Cheers ! 👍 + 2 more
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Guava Dawg! Damn!
started topic
on  Ironman36
Dry herb Vaporizer
I second the Storz & Bickel, Ive got the crafty, It also links to ur mobile and notifies u when its ready to blaze! Good german quality build too.… + 2 more
on  Georgie93
RM tracked 24hr issues
Doesn't sound like its been sent yet or the tracking number is wrong, I work for Royal mail.. usually as soon as its sent its scanned at the local pos… + 2 more
ITS BACK !! Portland Oregon mimosa
Thanks buddy, really appreciate that! Thanks for the quick response too, cant wait to try it! + 2 more
Is everything ok...
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Ive just ordered 14g's, ill let you know what i think...
Portland Oregon mimosa dropping tomorrow!!
Hell Yeah Smoggy!! Is it the same as last batch? If so......FIRE!!! Ill certainly be having some of that bro!
Much better! Makes me want to try it now:)
Thanks mate, ill make an order this afternoon, Are you sending orders from tomorrow? Im happy to chuck a review up once ive tried! Just to confirm tha… + 2 more