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Looking for Grandaddy Purp!
by  Noxa88
Help me pick my first ever Concentrate!
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Review: RB’s Birthday cake B grade
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Banks getting arsey with wallet transfers
Starling haven’t let me make a transaction to my exchange in over a fucking week! Typical fuck over of the poor masses once again, they want to give y…
Plant growth regulators (PGR) are used by profit-hungry growers and the result is a cheap, medicinally reduced, cancer-r…
I’d be more worried about the fact literally everything has zero trichomes on it... very odd phenomenon, at least we now know why the weed is so shit … + 2 more
best term for non-stoners?
The Encumbered...
on  [music]
most embarrassing song in your collection?
Jolene is never embarassing, well at 104db past a funeral precession maybe other than that Jolene is part of every good collection. + 2 more
I need a new series to watch
Well I’ll judge you... if I could give 2 upvotes I would, agree with you totally, 2 of my fave ever shows, making me think of hitting Spaced up again.… + 7 more
What's the best vaping device on the market in people's experience?
I’ve been through a tonne of vapes… YMMV but honestly a little nip out and about the Dyna does an ok job, it is what it is. Portable the Mighty is sim…