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Looking for Grandaddy Purp!
by  Noxa88
Help me pick my first ever Concentrate!
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Review: RB’s Birthday cake B grade
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If you smoke flower give these a try
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on  [cities]
Best Big City for Quality of Life
I went to Australia for a ‘year’ well meant to be a year, came back home after 2 months, just didn’t get the appeal at all. Wasn’t what I’d call eye o… + 2 more
on  2outof00
Cannabis legalisation UK
To me it’s fucking ironic the U.K. is the largest producer of medical cannabis in the world yet it’s not legal, not even decriminalised. I honestly ca…
on  finsel
Opinions Please
Yeah wouldn’t be happy, but trim/shake is always a gamble, I’d only ever use it for vaping or baking. That looks like it’s the last of the shake so th…
Best pen battery for these carts
Seems the general consensus is the Yocan uni pro, cheap, reliable, goes very low and the most recommended over on Reddit, I’ve just order one and it w…
Can someone tell me why Americans think guns are the definition of freedom?
This is it, no tyrannical regime, dictator, kings or queens taking the piss were ever overthrown through mediation and peaceful actions, fire meets fi… + 2 more
buying crypto privately
Yeah this… Seriously stay away from Coinbase… literally the Govs bitch… Trackong fucking everything, Binance will comply eventually they’ll have to bu…
10 premium distillate vape carts giveaway
I’m sure all the slots are taken but would be more than happy to try and review, being new to carts it’d be cool to see what all the fuss is about.
And I thought it couldn’t get any better!
Never used a cart before, just smoked herb and vaped concentrate, how long does a cart last? In spliffs worth? Have no clue how many to order.
on  [music]
most embarrassing song in your collection?
Jolene is never embarassing, well at 104db past a funeral precession maybe other than that Jolene is part of every good collection. + 2 more
on  FredsDad
UK sellers with best stealth
Agreed, my latest RB delivery was insane, best I’ve ever experienced, but Drugs inc, TGT have both also been top notch as well.