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Looking for Grandaddy Purp!
by  Noxa88
Review: RB’s Birthday cake B grade
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Help me pick my first ever Concentrate!
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How much do you pay?
Where I am it’s 200 on the wizard generally,…
Package Arrived - Nothing Inside! :(
100% you need to call the thieving prick out on it… + 2 more
best way to smoke hash?
This... smoke it in a spliff, if not make edibles …
Hi everyone was taken to hospital Last night
Hope you’re feeling better man
Looking for my old favourites
Sign me up as well, I’d like to see a lot mo…
Aliens Brought the Virus to Accelerate our Evolution
It’s the Hybrid takeover, been on the cards … + 2 more
on  Katy
Reliable ndd experience?
JJ, RB.... But right now NDD may not be NDD due t… + 2 more
I need a new series to watch
Wow I didn’t even know that was a thing? Whe… + 6 more