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by  Bigbum
You seem to be a bit of a bumhole
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Best hash on LB UK
Hashlover 420 all day,every day. I've not scored hash anywhere else on lb because of questionable quality/price issues,but I'll score off hashlover 42…
on  {shade}
what makes cryptography a weapon?
Same thing that makes anything a weapon-man(the killer ape)
on  [music]
The Last Rock Band?
Kilos from a new supplier is not a great idea 🤔
Isn't the whole point of little Biggie that,the customer is protected? Is there a ceiling for escrow? Often wonder what would happen,in practice,if a …
{buy help}
Coinbase: To use or not to use?
I always come back to coinbase in the ends-its just too easy.
how 2 control kids use of little biggy
As I say,you don't have teenage offspring,do you? My 13 year old daughter can go through a Parental control faster than I can set them and yes, when i… + 3 more
Good documentaries recommendations?
Anything made by Ken Burns. Anything by Storyville or the best documentary ever made "Death of a state."