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by  Bigbum
You seem to be a bit of a bumhole
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And the Wheels Come off the Wagon
I've never done business with Pistach -yet,but I eventually will-the trim debacle hasn't put me off. I think what's happened with the trim is a fuck u…
Nuclear Weapons
"Now I am death,the destroyer of worlds" hindu scripture with which Oppenheimer opened his senate testimony
Good documentaries recommendations?
Anything made by Ken Burns. Anything by Storyville or the best documentary ever made "Death of a state."
How is the potency compared with the banana kush hash? Cheers
Don't forget to review please. I'll keep an eye out for it because,let's face it,saying it's double zero doesn't make it double zero.So, I'm a little …
on  spiceX1
anonymous medical advice on lb?
Sure I can help. by pointing out that only a masochistic fool asks for medical advice online.
Bonneville Membership ??
Sure,but it's all about the small print.
Ripped me off
You're being a lot more philosophical about it than I would be-respect.
Just weed, right?
Probably best to do shrooms quietly,.
1.2g Pure Cannabis Pre Rolls
I noticed the images come from another dark web market too. In fact,I may be being cynical,but I suspect this guy is scoring from that market,adding … + 2 more
What strains are your favourite?
White widow