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by  Bigbum
You seem to be a bit of a bumhole
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Good documentaries recommendations?
Anything made by Ken Burns. Anything by Storyville or the best documentary ever made "Death of a state."
Police knock at the door
I'm another who'd like to see a source for that stat.
Initiative: Ban Cali Claims
I'm familiar with Wedinos and I'm pretty sure they don't establish purity. It's just a standard GCMS analysis. + 2 more
on  Richy781
Are we just killing time until the world ends?
Indeed we are. So, best enjoy yourself and make the best of it. + 2 more
Bad weed! Top prices!? WTF LB?
To put things in perspective,you can buy smack cheaper than a lot of the crap on lb. Just an observation.
phds mvp
on  phds mvp
Game Theory Ain't Life
Of course it isnt-life is far too chaotic not to mention situational and subjective that any logical theory falls short and that includes game theory.
on  [music]
The Last Rock Band?
LittleBiggy sister site?
I really hope that's a Freudian slip and you meant mescaline. If so,I'm down for some when it's in stock.
on  {shade}
Ultimate Security on LB?
Um back in the day when Cannabis really was illegal I got busy,did time and so what.? The only thing id do differently if I could go back is I'd take … + 2 more
on  Ash1304
Hot Knives
its not too harsh and then the next sentanced involves red hot knives!! Look,there is NO safe way of using hot knives.You will cause harm to yourself… + 2 more
on  BBDoom
Bill Hicks Pasadena (Unreleased Show)
I bet you dollars to donuts that Bill was a huge Lenny Bruce fan. + 4 more