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You seem to be a bit of a bumhole
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legalisation edges closer...
I've got a script and I'm very happy with the quality. Nice not to worry about legal problems too. P.S. prescribed weed in the UK isnt medical marijua… + 2 more
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Cannabis legalisation UK
This is a market place. Plenty of sites for activists of all types elsewhere Although,to be honest,there isn't a good legalization organization in th…
What Brought You To Biggy?
Initially research. I was writing a piece on changes in drug markets and obviously this lead to the dark web. Then I heard about this weird clearnet s… + 3 more
Best strain on Biggy for Pain and Sleep?
You need Khiron!
Initiative: Ban Cali Claims
I'm familiar with Wedinos and I'm pretty sure they don't establish purity. It's just a standard GCMS analysis. + 2 more