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Just another fellow smoker. who wants quality strains, to help smoke my worries away.
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Its a terrible feeling when you get that letter through the door... I know exactly how you feel. I had over an ounce of mushies from Europe seized thi…
on  Red8025
I'm still waiting on an order. Been down as sent since the 4th. What postage did everyone get?Standard or tracked?
on  eddie73
Next Gen Consoles? Anyone tempted?
Don't really game anymore, but have you seen how much people are selling there preorder allocation? Saw some one trying to flog there's for nearly £10…
on  mmc0991
Give BCA a break?
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That's cool. I'm just trying to settle some nerves for people who have bought cuz I was in the same position as them with the order taking longer than… + 5 more
on  Bazzap73
If you'd like to have a look at this link. There's a post by bca clearing everything up and addressing what has gone on.…
on  Kev169066
B.C.A has anyone tried these guys
I've put an order in. Left it for the first wave of reviews to come in. If you look on there ex page blame_canada_a (made a new page so they could ren…
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UK Potency Testing?
Might be worth messaging test borg on here and get some advice.
Seriously tho
Can't go wrong with a bit of bud a booty, especially when both are a thing of beauty lol
Cornish cannabis
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Let's talk about cheap Cali
Ebay link with the search "cali weed pack" shows bags, tin labels and tins. Some even coming with the all important silver hologram seal. … + 2 more
Is it worth scouring other darknet sites?
Tbf I don't think you would have to many issues so long as you're careful enough. A lot of the sites are like this on where customers can rate vendors…