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Roots of depression and why ketamine reverses it
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Is British Pop at an All Time Low
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What side effects should I expect when taking modafinil?
I usually experience a mild/dull headache - onset about an hour after taking modalert 100-200mg, subsides typically on its own a few hours later.
When an AI finally kills someone, who will be responsible?
I don't think there is much here for criminal law these are all accidents. Torts are where the action is going to be, if you sue and advanced AI will…
Isn't "Indiana" Jones a Girl's Name?
Or attractive purses for that matter?
Best Shatter Option UK
Don't really like UK shatter we are poor relatives in this category.
How Do I Get A Seller Account from Transaxe?
Couldn't be easier: go to your littlebiggy page and click settings, payment processor, and then transaxe.
Top Shelf Kratom discussion
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Which vendor on this site is best - RXREX or Addmen? Why?
I'd suggest looking at the reviews on their pages and base your decision on that.