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my number 1 dev request for little biggy
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beat this beat bigga
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Tune your instrument, tune your heart
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can the USA be fixed?
not enough young people, not enough people moving up economically.
use three words to describe little biggy
nation of shopkeepers
Honey you need to smoke one them 7 grams baggies. Don't cut off your nose your mustache will miss it terribly
What is Neo Feudalism?
Nice hook
post my links around eu (100usd+)
If you make a post saying whoah look at this place in your native language or a link to any post even it dont matter. Just make sure you press share …
Make NFTs from Posts
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Government works only to the extent people give a shit
local newspapers are dying because they only have realities to deal with, big media can weave grand fictions for years.
{buy help}
Noob question: log out of google etc when buying?
if you use private browsing you are pretty much logged out of google. tor browser is a free alternative to vpns.
Given the Option what season would you hibernate through?
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The cybernetics scare and the origins of the Internet
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Late night quiz…
nicely put
can decentralization be stopped?
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Investigating the Staged Assassinations of Silk Road
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devvy borg
is there a little biggy api?
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