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{lb help}
on  {lb help}
Ordering BIG quantities to Ireland? Like an Ounce?
If a vendor was based in Ireland, they would make a bundle of cash. The fear of customs would be eliminated and price of a delivery would be way down … + 3 more
{buy help}
Bitpanda keeps telling me "wallet balance too low"
Where do you check the fees price? the fees to spend 50 quid at the moment are 30 quid - F that!
Are all vendors this bad?
Are you a shill? You’re either a shill or are on RBs dick
on  incheyeg
ardent fx
The pot is the same for decarbing & infusing, Put the stuff in and walk away. Haven’t done the evaporation yet but very impressed with the Pot ove… + 3 more
Republic of Ireland anyone?
did someone help you?
Has anyone ordered to Ireland from hans??
I always try to get my deliveries tracked for peace of mind -it’s a bit expensive with Hans. I bought a quarter from someone else at the weekend and t…
on  MB85
Ireland delayed
There’s another thread going about the delays in RM. I myself had a purchase sent on the 9th of this month and delivered to an address in England on t…
The Best Opportunity in Crypto Cannabis is Ireland
Provided their product and service was good, they would clean up. Imagine, next day service as standard. Not wondering if customs are gonna snag your …
Pissed off :-(
agreed. am only here a few months but it seems, to me, to be just the same couple of vendors over & over again. if I want a book, guitar or handba…
Chuckles flavours
I had a 3 pack order delivered this week & there was one of each style in there so I’m sure if you asked before ordering, they would/can accommoda…
on  KTJN
Ireland - Domestic Vendor on LB
Most definitely. Customs is screwing too many of us at the moment so imagine what it’ll be like with brexit. I got stuff this week within 4 days &…
on  Bigbum
Sellers who don’t make the main items page
Great shout
News & Announcements
Great news!!
Review: Red Lebanese Hash & Hash Oil Chocs (bonus)
Same. This site is weird. There’s handbags n shit on the items page & this guys stuff isn’t! I only got here from the review and even that part of… + 2 more
do i give up hope?
I ordered on the 13th. Wasn’t shipped until the 16th and apparently left the UK on the 18th. No sign of it. RB said to wait longer. The bio on their p…