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ardent fx
The pot is the same for decarbing & infusing, … + 3 more
{lb help}
on  {lb help}
Ordering BIG quantities to Ireland? Like an Ounce?
I’m in cork. Welcome, hope you enjoy yoursel… + 3 more
Republic of Ireland anyone?
did someone help you?
Has anyone ordered to Ireland from hans??
I always try to get my deliveries tracked for peac…
{buy help}
Bitpanda keeps telling me "wallet balance too low"
Where do you check the fees price? the fees to spe…
on  MB85
Ireland delayed
There’s another thread going about the delay…
Site down
What are we meant to do if this place disappears?
The Best Opportunity in Crypto Cannabis is Ireland
Provided their product and service was good, they …
Pissed off :-(
agreed. am only here a few months but it seems, to…
Are all vendors this bad?
Are you a shill? You’re either a shill or ar…
Chuckles flavours
I had a 3 pack order delivered this week & the…
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Ireland - Domestic Vendor on LB
Most definitely. Customs is screwing too many of u…
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Sellers who don’t make the main items page
Great shout
News & Announcements
Great news!!
Review: Red Lebanese Hash & Hash Oil Chocs (bonus)
None of your stuff is in the items page. I only se… + 2 more
do i give up hope?
I ordered on the 13th. Wasn’t shipped until …
bigg now