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Nominated for termination THEGENTLEMANDEALERS
To be honest this seems like a tit for tat argument over "Cali". I have been dealing with TGD for over a year and can only take them as I fi…
on  {bitcoin}
bitcoin fee's
The fluctuation and rise of btc price has driven fees up, personally I would use a wallet like electrum where you can select lower mining fees... One …
Premium Rif Soft Caramel hash review.
Absolutely delicious stuff, just the kind of Morrocan you dreamt of in the dark days of 'Soap bar'. The picture makes me want to refresh my memory!
on  {gaming}
What's everyone playing during the quarentine?
IL2 and a few other war games to while away the hours, although I still play hunt the postman and my missing parcels every morning too. :/
on  RD
Is the posted date visible on topics ?
There is no timestamp to posts/topics RD.
{lb help}
on  {lb help}
Royal Mail debacle
It is indeed a nightmare at the moment, regular 1st class taking nearly a week in many places. Recorded/tracked delivery is the only way to give yours…
on  eddie73
Will swap Toilet Roll for Weed :-)
See it could be worse imagine being stuck a fortnight with 36 bog rolls and 5kg of pasta because of poor emergency planning.
on  Gjohal1
Coronavirus (lockdown)
Mail services will likely be reduced, with a focus on delivering recorded/special delivery post, Specific areas may be affected also, due to staffing …
on  Lubo
Very disappointment
How did you send the bitcoin? Sometimes if you send from places like coinbase they can get stuck in the system "Unconfirmed" if the mining f…
on  Gjohal1
Credit cards allowed on coinbase
I have noticed our bank tend to dissaprove and not support crypto purchases (Instant card block) and they seem to especially dislike Coinbase... I eve…
Slurricane: Great find.
Agree with Bigbarz. Just had a smoke of this, it's a real nice indica this one and kicks like a mule! Well worth a try.
Suspending service until Royal Mail get their shit together.
I hope things get back on track soon bud. All the best.