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"Love when my pack drops" Comment if you love it too, would love to see pics with your comments :)
Party time!
Royal Mail Fined
A shame we don’t get a share of this ;-)
Best Secret for appearing unstoned?
Amen to them!! Optrex Brilliant Dazzle ?
It’s back!!!
Ah of course your pic is the Pax lights!?
44 days of waiting...
I ordered from MJC on the 28th April and it showed…
Excellent price and Cute Mod
Looking forward to getting mine - I’ve got a…
Oh fuck yeah! Definitely thinking about getting some of this
Absolutely this is next level stuff! The best shat…
Mixing with E-Juice for a Vape and E-Cig
+1 that comment - I’ve tried and it’s …
Is this the same as the Fire OG
Excellent just going to have to order this, intere…
How to smoke the wax?
Personally I think it’s a waste - the Linx E… + 3 more
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Royal Mail update
Day 22 here (21.05) ironically the other order I p…
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Great for all day!
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Vaping weed
Pax 2 or magic flight box are my Vape’s of c…
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What's everyone playing during the quarentine?
Longest game ever haha!