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Is this rosin?
Nugsmashers do some amazing kit but I’m not …
on  EddyE20
How do people find the thc vape cartridges is it as good as smoking a nice j ?
MJConcentrates - just shatter and terps... he make…
No More Next Day?
Royal Mail have been particularly crappy recently …
Blockchain help
Luno is pretty good too
on  carverr
Flower Vapes portable or desktop.
Pax 2 and MFLB - love the MFLB it’s so discr…
Best Secret for appearing unstoned?
Amen to them!! Optrex Brilliant Dazzle ?
Disappointed Customer
I wish that were the same here...more than 3.5g an… + 2 more
on  Anaz786
Try MJConcentrates for Vape carts they’re su…
Airport security
Your carts travel very well! I’ve dropped a …
Best Edibles on here uk?
His Vape carts are excellent thoroughly recommende…
on  eddie73
Royal Mail Delays
Yeah it’s a strange one! I got my last order…
Reliable vendors for Austrian and French delivery?
Hi Itche! I can only comment on those I’ve u…
Vader Extract Review
started topic
MJC does it again with the Distillate Carts!
started topic
Best cartridges UK?
Definitely MJ carts - there are too many fake cart…
Now delivering to Europe and Ireland!
Hey UK 420! What happened that made you guys chang…
Coinbase free money
Thanks Frankotherasta will do! (Tomorrow if that&r…
on  {bitcoin}
Has anyone tried the Trust Wallet App?
Definitely +1 for Luno. Their app is very good and…
Truly Devine!
started topic
Best Dry Herb Vaporizers
The plenty was good but too big for my needs (nice…
New flavours
Niiiiiiice can’t wait to try these :)
New product
I got a sample and have to say they are a million …