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Disappointed Customer
Hi Jamal. That’s strange that it said return to send if it never left the UK (how would they know the address was wrong in foreign lands)? I’ve order… + 2 more
on  {bitcoin}
Has anyone tried the Trust Wallet App?
Definitely +1 for Luno. Their app is very good and the sign up was simple.
I had ordered some carts from a legal shop in Canada (though obviously not legal to send them to the U.K. !) and they had to declare what they were se… + 3 more
Mixing with E-Juice for a Vape and E-Cig
+1 that comment - I’ve tried and it’s extremely messy unless you have the right kit and despite buying good quality liquidiser it tasted horrible…
on  Budlover
Delivery times uk to Ireland
Got mine sent to Central Europe and took over two weeks (usually 6-7 days) guess covid and more online shopping - fingers crossed for you
hash after brexit
I guess anything that comes through mainland Europe into the U.K. is now going to be harder to ‘hide’ as everything will likely to have declarations o…
I feel for you! At the moment it’s taking ages to get stuff into Central Europe (used to be 5-7 days) but now it seems to be two weeks minimum and I’v…
on  {gaming}
What's everyone playing during the quarentine?
Longest game ever haha!
Royal Mail these days
Yeah MJC is sound on deliveries and mine usually take a 5-7 days to get into Europe but the last delivery took 2 weeks to arrive and my current order …
Postage options
Hi - just click on MJC name to bring up the page then click CHAT - MJC is very good at getting back to you if you’ve any questions
How to smoke the wax?
I really wouldn’t bother’s messy, tastes like crap (I used some pineapple wax) and separates quickly over time (despite following the instruc… + 3 more