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on  Richy781
Let's hear your stoned philosophical comments
"The door is ajar" - Bill Hicks
on  hisam2k
Methotrexate orally and cannabis
I have psoriatic arthritis, so we can probably talk :) Methotrexate was the first med I had and it was ok, BUT it hammers your liver, as in you won’t …
Foreigners to be banned from Amsterdam weed cafes
First time I went to the Dam I loved it and had a great time. Every time since then, whenever I go, I just think I should take the money I spent on a …
on  Richy781
Fill in the gap! ...."I was so high _____________________"
When I was at uni, my mates and I would use empty / nearly empty drinks cans as ashtrays for fags and joints. On more than one occasion I picked up th… + 2 more
What to do (card from rm)
Loving the drama of a potential massive operation to send you down for 6 - 10 MINIMUM all for 2gs. Please send update ASAP. 😂
on  Golmagnum
Bitcoin ruining LB
£50 for a Q?!? Man, I'm moving to your town!
Strawberry Amnesia
See how it sparkles! 💕
So biggaz- getting a UK Cannacard?
I've been looking into this since I saw your message on a different post and whilst not a complete "get out of jail free" card, it's interes…
Budget weed
NugNinjaZ had some last week :)
Sadiq Khan to launch review into decriminalising cannabis in London
Outstanding news if that's correct about being able to show you have a condition. I have arthritis - I don't need weed for it as I have some hardcore … + 3 more
Friday Quiz
It uses the SHA-256 algorithm if I am not mistaken... 🤓
The NugNinjaz Cali-O / Californian Orange Bud:
What a sales pitch! I've not tried Cali-O and I'm tight, so I don't like spending top dollar on my green, but having read this I think I might stick a…
Spliff Sandwhich
I've mixed and matched in the past but only when I was finishing one batch and starting another. I've never really given any though to it, but this is…