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Worst Star Trek Series of All Time?
I was going to say DS9 but I actually enjoy the later seasons. The original show was so dated I couldn’t bother to watch it. Enterprise was dire but s… + 2 more
How to pass saliva drug test???
Driving on salvia. Jesus, that would be an experience
on  Golmagnum
How do I tell bitpanda that there minimum payment of 0.0015 means I can't buy 3.5g of nice hash?
I use a BRD wallet to store my coins, which I have to load up afore payment. I used to trade on Kraken because of the rates but they have a similar mi…
on  Bump1969
Bitcoin wallet
BRD is simple, not free but the charges aren’t much
Is Trump Planning a Coup?
Pah, compare that to USA’s complete domination in the twentieth century after the old European empires fell during the world wars. Everything was buil…