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can the USA be fixed?
outlaw political donations there's plenty of free coverage to get the pitches across anyway.
Human Traffic (The Film)
lucky people here it is
on  Biggdave
The 3 famous people you would wanna get stoned with?
For Musk I say Sativa, I wanna see him go nuts with his Mars vision, not like the indica sesh with Joe Rogan + 4 more
on  {bitcoin}
Has anyone tried the Trust Wallet App?
Is Trust a no-trust wallet? And if so in what sense :)
Need a logo?? Fresh new pro design or are you a new vendor in need of a pro logo??
Show us what you got bigga
on  {gaming}
the game economy
what are decentralized game economies? + 2 more
on  [music]
most embarrassing song in your collection?
exactly why dolly has the highest q score