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Plastination vs Cryonics
you've got to be somewhere where you wont be vandalized or hidden beyond hope. at least there isn't a liquid nitrogen bill every week.
Selling on little biggy vs the darknet
On the darknet sellers are basically thumbnails. There is zero brand and everyone, buyer, seller and admin is waiting for the next inevitable scam. H…
master tokers? how do you pick your strain on any given day?
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Best Movie Soundtrack?
lazy twats with talent
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Competition help
just make a new account
Rescuing Darknet People for Fun and Profit
if they are a seller from anywhere on the tor network definitely go for the society link.
on  winston
Item Rankings?
think like an algo, the wall is very likely using us to provide scrutiny, not just rewarding the subject of our attention.
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Strange answers to the psychopath test
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Study of cannabis use and sleep disturbances
its called the difference between sativa and indica mssrs
Better Call Saul vs. Breaking Bad
have they seen us is a better question
Ciao! Any recommended sellers based in EU?
if you know any off lb give them a reference code, you'll both make a bundle