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War for sure - Anyone want to bet against me?
You guys that think Trump is starting a war; are borderline mentally challenged. The left are the ones who will be committing violence when they lose …
Let’s talk about that Crown OG
started topic + 2 more
Is Trump Planning a Coup?
Bruh I’ve read vox articles before, they are bullshit + 4 more
Accuses you of exactly what he's doing.
He charges extortionate prices who very average weed. They might be all the flavours they say they are, but if you’re an actual smoker. His weed taste…
Any luck sorting out the broken post? I’m hankering for some OG too which sucks
Grape dosi??
I got the forbidden fruit, which I was lucky. Had a much more cali-resemblance and taste
Waiting for delivery
Mate I’m pissed as well I just spent £200 and NDD
Royal Mail deliveries
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No answer da rb
Yeah 5 days for me too buddy. Normally if it was like £50 I wouldn’t be making a fuss.. but spending £200? Yeah of course I’m going to be pissed when … + 2 more