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Anti-Weed Nun
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NDWUK Page Restricted
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Horror movie recommendations!
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Alan Partridge's Scissored Isles
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on  Bucky12
Anybody from Ireland use Parcel Motel
Do NOT use parcel motel. You're more likely to have your parcel taken. Better off getting it sent straight to your house. From my experience parcel m…
on  Budlover
Delivery times uk to Ireland
Had a package seized recently. No sign of any letter though. Possibly pilfered by the postman. Had an order from the pope come in that had been opene…
Any Gamers on LB?
Play on pc myself! Enjoy a lot of horror games. Outlast, resident evil and such. Is the gears 5 campaign any good? Not a whole lotta split screen game…
on  mrspock89
Who's your 1# vendor to use?
Pope of Dope is awesome, really top shelf weed imo. Unique flavours too. Uk420 have a great selection too, and usually stock tasty hash options. I w…
How to smoke weed in cafes?
Try a dry herb vaporizor! I use the pax 2 and you'd never notice a thing. You can smoke in a smoking area or walking down the street and no one would …