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Hi I'm the Fun Guy... psychedelics, specifically psilocybin and psilocin mushrooms are my bag. I have long been interested in the use of psychedelic drugs not only for recreational use, but more importantly for a deeper understanding of ourselves... in ceremonies to overcome a trauma or stress... aswells as countless other conditions....
I am an advocate for the use of psychedelic mushrooms in microdose form which is where they can benifit everyone over the age of 25. I make my own veriation of the famous Paul Stamets suppliment recipe, which when taken can boost mood, creativity, focus and best of all increased brain activity. Studies have shown that the use of these carefully selected powdered suppliments create new neural pathways something thought unachievable after the brain stops growing approx 25 years old.

Enthusiasts like Paul Stamets PHD lead the research in the field and I would recommend any of his works to bring you up to speed about what we know today about these Magic Mushrooms.
The other very interesting thing about psychedelics is how it played a part in humanities history? How much of modern living could be attributed to the discovery of Psychedelic plants by our ancestors?

Disclaimer all medicine the earth has given us it is important to show respect and refrain from abusing the amazing power that this Psilocybe Cubensis possesses.
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Available are some of the finest, controlled indoor environment, organically grown Ecuadorian cubensis psychedelic Mushrooms.

The Ecuadorian Mushrooms were originally found in the mountainous regions of Ecuador.

They have fast become one of the best selling shrooms available on the available markets.

They are one of the most common strains for a reason and the best selling, this is due to its reliability to make you trip and ease of growing successfully.

It is a moderately potent strain with similar potency effects as Mexicans, since it is from the same lineage.

The trip experience of Ecuador magic mushrooms can vary from person to person. This is true with all shrooms. Records suggest that the Ecuadorian provides a blissful frame of mind which is wonderful and relaxing. The preliminary impacts are known to be extremely intense and then it is expected to become much more chill as you ease in. This strain might supply much less of a body high, keeping the experience tidy as well as spiritual.

How should you take these shrooms?

There are several options when consuming, again depending on preference... here's a basic guide...

For best results take the desired amount and leave it at that decision... taking more will increase the experience but not at the most effective rate possible. Take all the disired dose in one hit as soon as possible...

It's similar to a Rollercoaster ride you have the best thrill from the highest plunge!

Raw - Put desired amount in mouth and chew. If left in your mouth with fresh lemon juice the effects can be felt after 20mins... swallowed it can be 45mins+.
Plus - direct and quick. Neg - tastes shit.

Tea - Boil your favourite Tea up when temp of tea reaches 90°C add shrooms and lid for best results leave for 5mins with added fresh lemon... consume all contents wait 30-45mins.
Plus - Soup like and quick. Neg - don't boil follow guidelines as active ingredients will suffer.

Smoothie - Add desired amount to your favourite ingredients and consume ASAP.
Plus - personal taste with possible healthy additives or just ice cream, nutella and pineapple!!!! Neg - Wash out cup for all the active.

Organic Vegan Caps - these are coming soon and will be available via a link.
Plus - No need to measure, clean, quick and hassel free. Neg - None... Best for heavy Microdosing.

Supplement form available here...
Plus - various health benefits plus potential brain growth for over 25's something previously not thought possible.

After you have consumed your allowance, you’ll need to be patient and allow plenty of time for the effects to kick in. Some will feel the effects after 20mins and if you have had other drugs such as alcohol or weed then it can be a different experience... same story if you are at a festival or busy event. Newbs avoid, as this will add stress to a new thing you are trying to grasp, non healthy.

Lemon juice can speed up the onset of effects as citric acid helps convert psilocybin into its active form (psilocin) quicker.

Whichever way, make sure you allow plenty of time for the effects to kick in.

For a Dosing Guide please look at topics.
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WARNING!!!! Side effects include....

Improved Focus, Creativity, Enhancement of the immune system, Reduced stress, Improved sleep, less Fatigue, Brain & Skin function boosts, improved Strength & Stamina, Lower Cholesterol, Relief of Depression & Anxiety, Faster recovery times, protection against Ulcers and reduced Heart Disease Risk.

Each one of the caps that I produce contain an even mixture of 4 ingredients which are as follows...

= 100 Milligrammes - Ecuadorian cubensis psychedelic Mushrooms, Organic

= 100 Milligrammes - Lions Main Mushrooms, Organic

= 100 Milligrammes - Niacin Vitamin B3, Organic & Vegan

= 100 Milligrammes - Reishi Mushrooms, Organic.

The Capsule it's self is Vegan and Organic

This microdose course is designed as a supplimentary course and is measured so that you will notice a slight difference in your mind and body, with uplifts being steady and gradual over the course, you will not "trip" or have powerful visions and feel as you might do if you took a full dose of the active ingredient.

This is a commonly published guide to dosing...

Threshold .25 g
Light .25 - 1 g
Common 1 - 2.5 g
Strong 2.5 - 5 g
Heavy 5 + g

It's advisable to not drive or operate heavy machinery, although this is a microdose it's better to be safe than sorry. I suggest you take your suppliment after any driving that must be done.
I also strongly recommend that if you take any other recreational drugs including cannabis or alcohol that you stop for the duration of the course. For best results stop a few days before starting the course, if you can fast the day before, then even better, ensuring to keep well hydrated. You want to go into this experience as clean as possible. If you are in the practice of mindfulness, I have found meditation is best done 45minutes after consuming. I especially enjoy the Wim Hof technique as it gets your whole body and mind invigorated with breathing alone. This coupled with the digestion of the suppliment, ensures you get the best start to the day and feel the full benifits.

In cases of addiction and taking this suppliment to help aid in recovery, there are many suggestions of how best to use it typically coupled with therapy and/or councillilng.
I strongly advise getting professional help and advice from at least one qualified professional first, THIS IS NOT A MIRICALE CURE!!!

I have made the course to be taken over two weeks and I would recommend that you do 5 days on & 2days off twice. Some prefer doing 2 on 1 off or 1 day on and two days off. If it is your first time we suggest you stick to the suggested program especially before increasing doses.

Flushing is definitely the most noticeable side effect and may occur over the first couple of days on the course. Like anything if you understand what's going on then it's a lot less scary and more interesting.
Only a portion of participants have reported these symptoms and described them like a hot flush or heat rash approximately 45mins/1hour after taking the suppliment. The cheeks, neck and upper body might feel warmer and it may well become very visable. Described like getting an instant tan. Stay calm this is totally normal and is almost definitely associated with the Niacin Vitamin B3.
As your body digests the B3, the influx in the blood stream causes the skin to react the way it does but as the body absorbs the vitamin the reaction will subside.
Niacin is prescribed by doctors for symptoms such as depression. In extreme cases doctors can prescribe upto 1000mg daily when you compare that to the 100mg dose that is in this course. You can see that this is a far milder dose and will typically fade within minutes of appearing. On day 2, less test subjects reported back these side effects but milder. With only small signs into day 3 and beyond. If you feel that you could be sensitive to this vitamin you can always take vitamin B3 daily in the week leading up to starting this course to manage and hopefully see less flushing.
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10/10 Microdose Caps inc. Ecuadorian, Lions Main & Reishi +
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10/10 Microdose Caps inc. Ecuadorian, Lions Main & Reishi +
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10/10 Microdose Caps inc. Ecuadorian, Lions Main & Reishi +
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10/10 Microdose Caps inc. Ecuadorian, Lions Main & Reishi +
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10/10 Custom Order
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