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Our items are very high quality, award winning and are limited drops.

Standard priced extracts are on the way from LA [Live Resin, Diamonds, Badder & THCA Diamonds]

Mix and Match is always available.
Loyalty Card is for free shipping for previous customers. You may use it on your first order if buying multiple items and pay for shipping for one item. Orders over $150 qualify for free postage first time order.
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Saw some sub zero extracts mood mats!
It seems we have a friend!
All pre orders have auto cancelled?
What would you like next?
Free Edibles with orders
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blockchain governance?
Her Majesty's Treasure has took a recent interest if you look down the twitter, definitely possible.
on  D+D9.8/10
Affordable / Standard Range Extracts
This is us, for confirmation.
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Cleaning Arizer/Volcano bags?
With Volcano's you can make your own with turkey bags and just buy the mouthpiece from S&B. It's a bit tricky but easy once you get the hang of it…
Vape ingredients please
That message was copied directly from the extractor. If it's his own home made liquidizer, I wouldn't want to share it either. But here. Subzero sent … + 7 more
Best Vendors On LB?
We're new (on here anyway) but we think we give this a good run... Check reviews & posts and you'll be fine! We may be pricey at the most times bu…
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Item Rankings?
Seems very sparse from what I can see. Needs organizing.
More on the way! Price reduction extended
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LA Dispensary Live Resin - Feature Prices! Grab a deal while you can!
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edited reviews & suggestion
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Our Standard Cali Extracts
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best wu tang member?
Best Current Hash on LB?
We still fall into this category a tad! Our Subzero Hash Rosin is pressed Ice Water hash from some of the best farmers in Europe. Gives off an amazing… + 2 more
Top Shelf Hash Rosin 420 Deals + Sneak Peek at Organic GMO before cure!
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Dodgy Vendor.
We're in the same situation here. the best thing is probably to wait for advice and be patient
removing stuck buy order notification
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GMO Test Results
Even a little Delta 8! + 2 more
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Possible scam
Contact Transaxe :) + 2 more