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Purchase & Vendor Review (Affordable Buys, including links and a bad buy)
Trying to recover this account, if not, please send me messages on the new one .
by  AliKarimi
Bud Challenge ( Thread including pictures)
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First month on Little Biggy (vendor and purchase review )
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Cheapest test of weed buying on little biggy?
Hi mate I have done an affordable purchase/vendor review on here, feel free to ask any questions, happy to help.
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Juice WRLD - Hour of fire over Eminem beats!
Ngl I didn’t really rate him( his music not my taste ) but fuck me that guy can freestyle , proper off the dome , amazing word play and keeping the f…
How to search for items
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Any good shakes , popcorn buds about ?
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{lb help}
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Bitcoin account hacked
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Top Vendor of 2020
Green 1: British Bulldog 2: Urban Leaf Co 3: JJ Edibles 1: Mj 2: Northern Organics and UkGrower
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Miracle Alien Cookies (Capulator)
I thought we may have got it of the same guy but I looked and I’ve paid 60 for it. 60 Quid a Henry is the most I’ve paid for green but wanted try a ‘…
Any shake?
Hi mate have a look at this, I’ve had shake Of BB, JJ and RB . All Three good but I think RB is the one that’s g…
yo biggz: android or ios?
I find IOS much easier to work with , once you get used to one of them , hard to make the switch
No one home to sign for post
My first ever buy from LB came when I wasn’t in and it was a signed delivery so had to go to the depot , safe to say I was bricking it however there w…
It is not a joke
Sorry to hear about your friend mate ! That’s a hard situation to be in, Powers!
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Everyone buys according to the situation they are in, plugs come and go though , had two plugs that actually grew, lost to a baby and a hernia operati…
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New to this
Hey man I wouldn’t really trust these ‘review’ pages that say no agenda this and that because you have a look and you will find out they never say a b…
{lb help}
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Parcel gone back to Royal Mail
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