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Hello Lb is jj5637901
Glad to see your well. My first buy on this site was from you. Was wondering what happened, I had assumed the worst.
on  {rap}
best french rapper?
I like section d' assaut. It's like gangsta pop. MC solaar for the old skool
Obama runtz
on  {gaming}
Best games of this/last gen?
Spliff in hand games...hearthstone, slay the spire. Best game ATM is elden ring (imho)
Pistach Appreciation
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lsd vs mushrooms?
Acid was always described to me as hd shrooms. Ive only dabbled in one tab at a time and its been lovely. I prefer it to shrooms cos i dont feel sick …
on  chalinor
Lady salvia….
It horrendous. Like dmt but spiky hot prickly and whirly. Do yall really enjoy it?
Order Mix up 🤦‍♀️
Hey. Thats v kind of you!
AVB recipes?
I make qwiso hash. Its black and tastes bad. But hellava kick.
My first ever Stardawg High
Last time i had that shake it smelled like thai weed which would explain the rushy feelings. Stardawg hits me like a strong indica usually.