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Best games of this/last gen?
Spliff in hand games...hearthstone, slay the spire. Best game ATM is elden ring (imho)
Unexpected Delivery
Pistach sent me 3 Oz of shake once. All different letters all special delivery. Only asked for one! (I told them about it)
on  {rap}
best french rapper?
I like section d' assaut. It's like gangsta pop. MC solaar for the old skool
What is the longest you've had to wait for a delivery to arrive from LB?
I've come to learn that week long waits can be all down to a postie being on holiday then another week cos of the back log. 2 different vendors means … + 2 more
on  Wifty
Anyone with bud that has flavour ?
Agent orange from green team. Very stinky rotten fruit/mimosa vibes.
Delicious and super strong
Agreed. I can blaze other bud all day and then in the evening have one go on that kush cake and it really cuts through the noise and makes itself felt…
Pistach Appreciation
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Worried Minds
I would like to see a cart with no terpenes. Inhaling unnaturally high amounts of terps can't be great either
Jacksullivan48 Nominated For Termination.
Agreed. Been waiting since 22nd of Jan.