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Coinbase lockout happening. Any other way to purchase fast..?
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I'm in - welcome to LB Escobart! + 2 more
This is really nice hash once again. Smell and flavor are outstanding. I have been a weed-only smoker for decades as I found (in the 90's) most hash d…
what types of hash are your favorite?
Anything that bubbles ;) I personally like the quick gassy high off strong leb/morroccan blondes. I have been smoking some ridiculously good "bel…
dubai doobies?
Mate I would not risk it in Dubai. Seriously if you can't go without don't go. They don't mess about with cautions, are highly suspicious and people w…
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Plymouth massive
I was at the academy around 1990 onwards I think - we used to drive up from further SW just get our groove on and get off our nuts - buy your e's in t…
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Hash Recommendations?
I can vouch for that. It's really high quality and tasty too. Pistach just dropped some fire in my lap for my first purchase.
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Safety in receiving packages in the UK
It's probably safer than giving it to your mates to deliver....or me. Can't see there's much difference between Scotland and England when it comes to …
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Looking for a great vendor to build a good cool reliable fun relaxing trade route with im a buyer
Pistach is solid. So good I've not needed to try anyone else yet although I am definitely intending to at some point. I just can't tear myself away fr…
Just some straight up honest feedback and it's not directed at you but just a general comment. I've noticed quite a lot of the weed not shifting but t…
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New to this website
Don't panic. I pay for 1st class signed for as it comes the next day if you order before 12pm weekdays. This is a trust based system and it feels like…
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General Security buyers should use
I figure you might as well use your real name as it's going to your house anyway and if someone knows whats in it the games up.
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Send coins directly to buyer, can't contact them. Best way to go about it?
You do send it straight to the seller using the links provided when you hit the BUY button. Assuming that is what you did your order will appear in to…